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"What's Your Secret?"
Interviews with the Scrapjazz Design Team

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Each month the Scrapjazz Design Team pushes their creativity to the limits.
New techniques. Original styles. Innovative photographs. Their creative work spawns an array of new ideas in the minds of thousands of scrappers. Jaws drop, with only one question across our lips: "What's your secret?"

Now you can find out for yourself in this outstanding e-book from! We've interviewed eleven of our designers and asked each of them 23 questions in an effort to share their secrets with you. In addition to that, you'll be able to view 20 featured layouts from each artist on the Internet. They've provided 10 of their favorite layouts as well as 10 never before seen creations. That's a total of 220 layouts that you won't find anywhere else.

Featured Design Team Members:

The e-book features the following Scrapjazz Design Team members (click on a member to view samples from their interview):

Jenny Benge
Jenny Benge
"Jenny B"
Briana Fisher Briana Fisher
Lorilee Peterson Lorilee Peterson
Libby Weifenbach Libby Weifenbach
"Libby in AR"
Cynthia Coulon Cynthia Coulon
Andrea Hautala Andrea Hautala
Andrea Steed Andrea Steed
"Andrea Steed"
Sherri Winstead Sherri Winstead
Loriann Dale Loriann Dale
Lynn McCorry Lynn McCorry
Heather Uppencamp Heather Uppencamp
Each Designer answers 23 different questions and shares 20 personal layouts—10 of their favorites and 10 never before seen layouts! Click the photos to see excerpts from their in-depth interviews.

Sample Questions:

Each Designer was asked a series of 23 questions. Below you'll find some of the questions:

  • How did you become interested in scrapbooking?
  • What subject do you usually scrap?
  • Do you tend to make more one or two page layouts?
  • What is your favorite embellishment? Least favorite?
  • Do you use mostly cardstock, mostly patterned paper, or a combination of both?
  • How do you choose colors for your layouts?
  • What do you do with your scrapping magazines?
  • Who inspires you? Who are your favorite scrappers?
  • What is your favorite inspirational tool? Idea books, magazines, online sources?
  • What are you three top photography tips?
  • What is your best time-saving tip?
  • What is your best organizational tip?
  • How do you overcome Scrapper's Block?
  • Plus 10 additional questions!

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You can get your own printable copy of these interviews for only $9.95. That's less than $1 per designer, and it includes access to 220 layouts you can't find elsewhere. Best of all, you get instant access to the e-book when you order. It's 55 pages of information that you're sure to enjoy.

"What's Your Secret?"
Interviews with the Scrapjazz Design Team
Contents: 55 Pages, links to 220 exclusive layouts
Format: Adobe PDF
File Size: 1 MB (~ 3 minute download for dial-up users)

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