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Posts: 1349
Title: SJ Grand Poobah
Joined: 13 September 2008
Gender: female
Interests: Scrapbooking, camping, babies (not my own anymore) my kids
Work: Retired
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Public Comments
RedSquirrel: Glad you're OK - thanks for updating your profile so we know where to find you. Thanks for visiting my Gallery and leaving the love, and YES we're loving Australia, although it still seems strange to think we're actually living here! Come back and see us in SJ any time, and maybe I'll come over and see you on "the other side" as well LOL Take care,...
22 Aug 10
Mara-W: Hi! Thanks for asking.....but I don't scrap NEAR as much as I did at one time. I just went like 6 months without doing a page, but then I just did about 12 this past weekend! ....so I hope to keep at it for a while!
12 Apr 10
Kzookeeper: Hi, I just found your comment in my public comments section - yes, I am still scrapping, when I have time. I still have three "kids" at home - all young adults now - but sometimes they are more time consuming than young children! LOL! I do most of my uploading on scrapbook.com instead of here - maybe I'll have time soon to get back on both sites...
7 Apr 10
Kzookeeper: Thanks so much for the sweet comments you left on my "Simply Beautiful" layout! I just found it today - I haven't been on here in several months! LOL! Thanks again for stopping by - you have a lovely gallery! Betty
5 Apr 10
DeblynA: Thank you for the lovely comments of my "sweethearts" and "smile" LOs.
1 Apr 10
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