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Posts: 87
Title: SJ Jazzie
Joined: 17 March 2008
Gender: female
B-Day: 03 July
Interests: horse backriding, novel writing, scrapbooking, reading
Work: student
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Public Comments
A Viking: Hey girl, Welcome to the neighborhood! Looks like you have alot of scrapping to do. Where's your horse? I want to see HORSES. Used to ride alot myself, when I could still get in the saddle. Regardless, I just stopped by to say, "Hi" and to thank you for your visit. Glad you liked my, 'For-get-me-nots', and my tribute to my brother. Anna Gri...
30 Mar 08
Kzookeeper: Thanks a bunch for stopping by and for the sweet comments on my "Stepping Back in Time" layout! Have a great day!
20 Mar 08
Ingrid G: Thank you so much for your comments on my LO's!! Welcom at scrapjaz! Have a great day!! xxx Ingrid
18 Mar 08
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