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Posts: 912
Title: SJ Aficionada
Joined: 22 February 2007
Scrapbooking Since: 2007
Loc: Charleston, West Virginia, United States
Gender: female
Interests: Cross stitching, crocheting, knitting, cooking, sewing, movies, computer games, reading and now Scrapbooking!
Work: Medical Transcriptionist
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Public Comments
RedSquirrel: YAY you're back! SO good to see you again! So what have you been doing? How are you? How's life? LOL Off to check out your new Gallery items..... XXX
31 Dec 11
RedSquirrel: Hi Jo! Just stopping by to see how you are - haven't seen you for a while. Hope you're OK and having a great summer!
15 Aug 09
Canadiancandy: Thanks so much JoeyRene' for checking out one of the layouts.. Very sweet comments and I very much appreicate that. Thank you!
18 May 09
Amateurscrapper: Hello! Thank u 4 wishing me a good day-now i think i will have a terrific day =) those pull out cards are a lot of fun, and i know u will make BEAUTIFUL ones! the web site where the directions are is on the pink one that i made. Archana Pandurangi is the one who told me where to look, u should stop by her gallery and take a peek at hers if u haven...
13 May 09
Canadiancandy: Hi again JoeyRene' I'm sorry I thought I did tell you... hey look at my last comment.. I see it as I was typing this.. I did sign my name.. I usually do sign my name which is Sherry.. You can call me that. I too enjoy meet people from around this world, the internet makes the world so much smaller. If it wasn't for that, think of all the Chat ...
12 May 09
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