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Posts: 3597
Title: Blue Crew Member
Joined: 11 April 2002
Gender: female
Interests: scrapbooking of course!
Work: Photographer
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Public Comments
Ema49erbrat: thank you for visiting my gallery and leaving some kind words. i totally appreciate it!
12 Feb 11
Scrapsnstuf: Thx for the gallery visit. Totally appreciate the kind words! Have a wonderful week, Natalie
8 Feb 11
Peridotskys: Thank you so much for the really nice comment about my Los!!
21 Jan 11
Leaksmum: Thank you for commenting on my latest cards. I truly appreciate your kindness. :)
10 Jan 11
Peridotskys: Thank you so much Polly! It made me smile to see all the kind comments you left on my Los!!
5 Jan 11
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