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Posts: 275
Title: SJ Devotee
Joined: 07 April 2008
Scrapbooking Since: 2005
Loc: Colorado, United States
Gender: female
B-Day: 06 June
Interests: Bible Study; scrapbooking, kids, flowers, interior design, dolls and just plain living
Work: Wait for my SS check
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Public Comments
Westerngirl: Thank you for commenting on my blog :)
10 Sep 09
A Viking: I'll be darned. Here you are! Amazing...
7 Jun 08
A Viking: It's just little ol' me again thanking you for your response to my questions. I did not realize your portrait was a digital layout. I wanted to find the background paper for a layout I'm thinking about. I don't, however, know how to put my computer into a photo album, so I'll abandon that idea for now. Have a happy scrappy day. Trudy
30 May 08
A Viking: Hi Curry. Love your gallery you are very talented. I see you are a newbee and havn't been arround much yet. I don't come over to this site often since I joined scrapbook.com. You should check it out. It is more active and you will get more comments and feedback on your layouts. If you should decide to 'come on over' you'll find me at the "The...
28 May 08
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