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Gramma - Claudia
Posts: 4819
Title: SJ Eloquent One
Joined: 23 June 2003
Scrapbooking Since: 1999
Loc: California, United States
Gender: female
B-Day: 16 August
Interests: Sewing, cross stitch, crochet, quilting, reading trashy novels
Work: Controller
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Public Comments
RedSquirrel: Thanks for your comment on my Bluebells Mean Springtime LO Claudia. LOL no it isn't my garden - I wish it was! It's a local walk that we took my brother and Mum on when they visited us in May, only about 6 miles away.
28 Jun 14
Meeky-moo: Thank you for the comment you posted on my lo "on the move". Yes, supported living is a great thing and it is a huge step for all of us. Our son has adjusted very well which makes it easier on us. Thank you for your supportive comment. Susan
8 Sep 10
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