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Posts: 5623
Title: SJ Diva
Joined: 06 July 2008
Scrapbooking Since: 1998
Loc: Queensland, Australia
Gender: female
B-Day: 22 May
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Public Comments
Memories4ever: Hope things are well with you. Looking forward to new posts.
26 Oct 09
Memories4ever: Thank you for inviting me to be a friend. Not so sure how much I will be in the forums though. I tried it again this morning and spent too much time making comments and here it is past noon and I still have to take my shower!LOL!
29 Sep 09
Kazzam: Just saw your question Wen. They do have a sepia tone. Child Health took the photos for possible use in a brochure. These were the copies that they sent me months later.
29 May 09
Leaksmum: Hi Wen. Just stopping by to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments left in my gallery. You rock!! Have a lovely ANZAC DAY. Hugs, Glenda
24 Apr 09
Kazzam: Thanks for your comments on my layouts. The fairy was free clip art downloaded. I then used the Craft Robo program to autotraced the outline. Then I selected the print and cut function. It was my first attempt at the print and cut feature. Hope that all made sense. Kaz
20 Jan 09
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