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Posts: 9343
Title: Scrapjazz Contributor
Joined: 16 April 2006
Scrapbooking Since: 2006
Loc: United Kingdom
Gender: female
B-Day: 19 September
Interests: Dancing, Scrapping, TV/Movies, Photography and more
Work: Insurance and Dance Instructor (although not at the same time!)
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Public Comments
RedSquirrel: Thanks for popping into my Gallery! Rx
9 May 10
Scrapsnstuf: Thanks for visiting my gallery and leaving a sweet comment! Have a great weekend! :)
1 May 10
Nilsa: Thanks for stopping in my gallery! Nilsa
18 Apr 10
Memories4ever: I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment on my October sketch challenge LO. I appreciate any comments...it helps keep me inspired. Thank you so much! Diane
17 Oct 09
Amateurscrapper: Thank you so much for getting back 2 me about those stamps! i didn't even know about the public comments section until just now when i was wandering through this site, lol. i am always looking for good stamps (on the cheaper side if possible) and i just fell in love with those-thanx again!
6 Apr 09
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