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Posts: 6680
Title: SJ Diva
Joined: 16 June 2008
Gender: female
B-Day: 23 January
Work: Creative Memories Consultant
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Public Comments
Scrappinnelly: My husband and I decided that right now is not the right time. We are not where we need to be for our finances. Don't worry, I'll keep you in mind in the future!
11 Aug 08
RedSquirrel: Hi Moxiegirl, Thanks for checking out my LOs. You asked about my avatar. No I didn't shoot the picture, I saw it on Lolcats and fell in love with it (google lolcats and Kate Moss ;->). A few PSE tweaks later and RedSquirrel was born. Welcome - I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work!
5 Jul 08
Splummer: Hi Moxie, Thanks for adding me as a friend.
24 Jun 08
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