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Posts: 31210
Title: SJ Queen of the Crop
Joined: 05 May 2005
Loc: Michigan, United States
Gender: female
Work: LLPC
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Public Comments
RedSquirrel: Thank you so much for leaving a lovely comment on my Colour Through the Rain LO - have a great day! :x
3 Jun 09
RedSquirrel: Thanks so much for your kind comment on my Pathway to Paradise LO, and I echo everyone's requests to be able to return the favour! ;-) XX
25 May 09
Just A Girl: came to check out your gallery, after you commented on one of my LOs, but you have nothing to view. what's up with that? consider this a request to look at your stuff!!!
19 Jan 09
Rebeldaisy: thanks so much for your kind comment in my gallery!
15 Aug 08
Gramary: Thanks for the nice comments in my gallery! how's yours coming? lol
7 Aug 08
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