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Posts: 469
Title: SJ Devotee
Joined: 25 May 2004
Interests: Scrapbooking, Cross-stiching and playing softball
Work: Being a mommy
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Public Comments
Melodie: So glad you have a photo of yourself posted now (so adorable)! For so long, you were this anonymous person who's work I admired...
31 Mar 08
Kzookeeper: Thanks a bunch for stopping by and for the sweet comments on my "Sarah at the seashore" layout! Have a great day!
20 Mar 08
Sabine: Hi~thank you so much for your comment on my "L.A. Zoo" layout! I loooove your gallery and I have you marked as a "favorite artist"! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
17 Mar 08
Dcl24: I always visit your gallery, I like your work alot, all of them are awesome!!
17 Mar 08
Peenut_23: I second Melodie's comments! Your work is BEAUTIFUL!! I spend the majority of my time on another site as well but I come back here to view layouts occasionally and always check your stuff out ... soooo nice and sooo inspirational! Keep up the excellent work! tfs
12 Feb 08
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