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Ribbon & Fibers


by Tammy Jackson

Fibers and ribbons have long been popular scrapbooking page embellishments. Their numerous colors and textures make them a fun item to use and to collect. However, even a modest ribbon and fiber collection can soon become disorganized clutter if they are not stored in an organized fashion.


Before ribbons and fibers can be organized, they should be separated into groups. There are many ways to categorize these items. Use the method which suits your scrapbooking style, or you may want to use a combination of the following options.

Sort by Color - This is probably the easiest way to sort ribbons and fibers. Put spools of like colors of ribbons together in a group.  Separate ribbon remnants and fibers into similar color groupings.

Sort by Thickness - Ribbons in particular will vary in thickness.  If you need to be able to find ribbons based upon their width, sort them by thickness starting with the narrowest widths and working up to the widest.

Sort by Pattern/Style - Polka dots, plaids, gingham, grosgrain, satin, lace, stripes, velvet, and organza are just a few of the many types of ribbons.  Likewise, fibers come in several types such as chenille, eyelash, and charm.  If you find you have a lot of different ribbons and fibers in these various categories, you might want to consider sorting them by this method.

Combining some of these methods will be the best solution for most people.  For instance, separate all of your ribbons by color, and then sort the color groups either by thickness or pattern.  The most important thing to keep in mind is how you use these items in your scrapbooking, and organize them based on your own personal style.


When you have decided upon an organization method and you have all of your ribbons and fibers sorted into categories, it is time to store them. There are three things that must be considered.  Ribbons stored on spools take up more space, but have the advantage of keeping the ribbon neat and wrinkle-free.  Fibers tangle easily, so a tangle-free storage solution must be found. Loose pieces of ribbon need to be stored in a manner which keeps them from wrinkling.

Dowel Rod - To organize spools of ribbons, dowel rods may be used in either a horizontal or vertical fashion. Drill holes into blocks of wood or pre-made wooden shelf brackets so that a wooden dowel can slide in and hold spools of ribbon.  A block of wood with a hole drilled into the center and a dowel placed vertically into that hole makes a terrific vertical spool holder.  Note that straight pins may be necessary to hold the ends of the ribbons on the spools.  Particularly with the vertical dowel storage, gravity tends to unwind the spools unless they are pinned. 


Tension Rod - Another practical spool organizer is a tension rod (available at any home improvement store).  Tension rods, sold for hanging curtains, contain springs that create tension between the two sides of the rod when placed between two supports.  The rod can be placed in a doorway or window and will store a lot of ribbon spools in a small space.  Tension rods come in different diameters and spans, so be sure there is some way to slide the spools onto the tension rod and that it will fit in the space where you want to use it. 

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