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by Amy Stultz

For many scrapbookers, acrylic craft paints are an essential scrapbooking embellishment.  Whether they are used for stamping or decorating elements of a layout, paints have won a permanent place in our hearts, right next to rub-ons and alphabet stickers.

Acrylic paints are relatively cheap; therefore scrapbookers tend to purchase them in a wide variety of colors. Since paint is usually used in small amounts, each bottle lasts a long time, making permanent storage necessary.

When choosing the storage solution that is best for you, take into account the following factors:

  • How often do you use your paints?
    • If you use your paints with nearly every project, a storage solution that allows them to be near your work surface at all times is desirable. Pay special attention to open storage solutions, allowing you to easily see the color choices and grab the bottle that is needed.
    • If paint is an occasional embellishment for you, storage options that allow that paint to be organized, but out of the way will typically be more desirable. This frees your workspace for more frequently used items.
  • Do you have a large number of paints, or just a few bottles?
    • A small paint collection can be stored as one cohesive unit.
    • As your collection grows, the need to subdivide your paints will arise. Consider sorting your large collection in one of the following manners:
      • Medium (acrylic, water colors, etc…)
      • Brand
      • Bottle size or shape
      • Finish (gloss, satin, matte)
      • Color (group all mediums, finishes, and brands by color)
  • Are the bottles all the same brand, or do you need to accommodate several sizes and styles of paint bottles?
    • Even small paint collections may contain several bottle shapes and sizes. Access your needs before purchasing a system.
  • Do you want to store brushes in the same place as your paints, or in a separate tool area?
  • Do you want your paints to be hidden from view or on display?


After you’ve examined the answers to these questions, you’ll have a better grasp of the type of storage system that will work best for you.  Whether you choose to keep your paints on display, using the rainbow of colors as a decorative item in your creative space, or if you prefer to keep your supplies hidden, you have several unique paint storage options. When evaluating your options, keep in mind that paint bottles should be stored upright in order to prevent leaks and spills.  Any of the following suggestions can be adapted and customized for your own space and preferences.

Spice Racks - Visit any kitchen supply or home store, and the array of spice racks is overwhelming. The choices range from basic wooden and plastic designs to more decorative wrought-iron shelves.  Most can be conveniently stored close to your workspace on any shelf or counter, or inside a cabinet, while others can be located in out-of-the-way spots.  Consider the following possibilities:

Hanging Spice Rack - The beauty of hanging spice racks is that they easily install on any wall, freeing valuable shelf or counter space. They also allow the bottles to be held upright, while keeping your color choices visible for easy use.

Multi-Tiered Spice Shelf - Another useful kitchen supply store find is a multi-tiered spice shelf. These shelves work on the same principle as a set of bleachers. Each shelf sits slightly higher than the one before it, allowing all of your paint choices to be viewed at once.


Door-Mounted Spice Rack – Attaching a door-mounted spice rack to the inside of a cabinet door or on the back of a closet door is a great way to use otherwise unused space.  It allows you to store your paint bottles upright and out of the way, while keeping each color visible.

Revolving Spice Racks ...continued...

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