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by Andrea Steed

Small embellishments like buttons, brads, eyelets, beads, clips, tiles, charms, glitter, wire and silk flowers (to name a few) are perfect finishing touches to your pages.  However, because they are so tiny and there are usually so many of them, it can be difficult to keep them organized and easily accessible.  

The first step is to separate all of your embellishments into categories.  This helps you see what you have and then later make decisions about the type of containers you need to store them.  There are several options for categorizing your embellishments.  You may want to use a combination of these ideas to best fit your scrapbooking style.
Sort by Type – If you typically have a certain type of embellishment in mind when you are creating a layout, this method of categorizing should complement the routine you already have.  Separate the items into categories by type such as brads, eyelets, buttons, charms, glitter, wire, etc.  To save space, take the embellishments out of their original containers, so that you can group all similar objects together.  If you like to know the manufacturer who made each item, you may want to keep them in the original packaging and look for larger storage containers instead.

Sort by Theme
– If you tend to purchase embellishments that correspond to specific themes, you may prefer dividing your embellishments into themed piles such as birthdays, pets, school, sports, seasons, holidays, etc.  You may even want to combine these three-dimensional embellishments with flat embellishments such as stickers, die cuts or rub-ons and themed patterned papers to keep all of each theme together.

Sort by Color
– Some people are color-oriented when they scrapbook.  If you are, you can categorize embellishments by color and have several options of embellishments in the color you need, all in one place.  Get as specific as you’d like, depending on the volume of your collection, by adding categories such as blue-green, sage green, fuchsia, or light pink in addition to the standard rainbow of colors.

Sort by Manufacturer
– Using coordinated products from the same manufacturer may be the way you most often create layouts.  If so, keep those products together with matching embellishments, stickers, rub-ons, and papers from the same manufacturer.  Then you’ll have created a kit of sorts filled with products that you can use together.

A combination of these sorting methods will also be an effective organizing technique.  For instance, you can sort general embellishments like brads, buttons and eyelets by type.  Then separate products into additional categories by theme.  Yet another category can be for your favorite manufacturer’s coordinated products.  Customize your embellishment organization to your scrapbooking style.

Once the embellishments are categorized, look at your piles and decide what size and type of storage containers will work best in your space.  There are an abundance of products that can be found in scrapbook stores, office supply stores, hobby stores, and even hardware stores that are perfect for these small embellishments.  Here are a few ideas:

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