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by Denise Gormish

Imagine yourself in your scrapbook space. You’ve toiled hard on your layout design. You have your paper, photographs and embellishments all laid out and you are ready to glue it all down. Alas, you can’t find your adhesive. Don’t get caught! Proper adhesive storage will keep the momentum going and get your pages finished. How do you store adhesive so you can always have it available?

Before designing a storage plan for adhesives, consider three issues related to adhesive storage.

Adhesive Shape - Which types of adhesives do you own? What size and shape are they? Popular adhesives include the following:

  • Mounting Glue (tall wide glue bottles)
  • Glue Sticks and Glue Pens (tall narrow containers)
  • Adhesive Dispensers (large plastic dispensers)
  • Sheet Adhesives (large flat sheets)
  • Mounting Foam (medium or small flat sheets)
  • Mounting Squares (medium-sized box)
  • Glue Tape (medium- or large-sized roll)
  • Adhesive Dots (medium-sized roll)
  • Adhesive Spray (tall wide spray can)

Proximity - What items do you need to keep within easy reach while working? Are there items that can be stored away? Consider what items are used frequently and which items are used sparingly.

Location - Look at the list of adhesives and determine if you can keep your adhesives in one location or whether you need to have several locations. Your answer will depend on how many adhesives you have and what kind they are, how many of them need to be within easy reach, and how much available space you have,  If you need more than one location, consider the best combination of storage options.

Storage Solutions
Having done your assessment of your storage needs, evaluate the different types of storage solutions. As you read each storage solution, consider whether they meet your needs for location, proximity and adhesive shape.

A box, bin or basket - Depending on the size and shape of the box, bin or basket you choose, it may be all you need to hold all your adhesives. You can place it on your scrapbook workspace within easy reach or it can be stored away and retrieved when needed. If the container you’ve chosen isn’t quite large enough for larger or odd-shaped adhesives such as spray or large sheets, you may choose to store them in a separate, more appropriate container.


These can also be a very inexpensive storage solution. You can purchase them on sale or pick them up at a second-hand store or rummage sales. For function and beauty, purchase or reuse a beautiful basket that fits your style, or decorate a storage container to match your décor.

A drawer, preferably with separate units - A drawer can be a convenient storage solution, especially if it is within reach of your scrapbook workspace. If the drawer has a divider, individual items can be organized in the dividers...continued...

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