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Username Post: House Projects?        (Topic#330886)
Blue Crew Member
Posts: 54893
Reg: 01-22-03

05-17-14 01:23 PM - Post#4110100    

Anyone working on any house projects lately? We need to paint our hallway and redo our main bathroom (really just paint it and get new fixtures etc...-We put in a new tub/vanity about 10 years ago.)

I really like the look of it when it is done but always have a tough time with paint choices. I am one who adores COLOR and sometimes the results aren't always what I am expecting!!

SJ Divalicious
Posts: 11888
Reg: 08-23-07

05-17-14 01:40 PM - Post#4110102    
    In response to Nora

This summer will be busy with projects. Wanted to start a month or two ago, but the school talked me in to a third position there.

My plan is:

paint hallway and up the stairs, replace lights
paint down bath and replace light fixture
paint laundry room
new shutters on house and paint the doors
paint master bath and bedroom
new floors is in kitchen and hall

I think I will stop there...Im getting depressed

SJ Divalicious
Posts: 12723
Reg: 02-26-09

05-17-14 01:55 PM - Post#4110106    
    In response to SchoolBusMom

What I wanted to get done I have already finished. I have been working outside a lot making things look nice without spending money. I have hauled so many rocks it is unbelievable.

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 28559
Reg: 02-13-09

05-17-14 03:35 PM - Post#4110110    
    In response to motherto3girls

Not yet.
I need to fix the shed. The door, some of the wood under the roofline, around a window, a new ramp (the old one collapsed at least a few years ago and though it's not high at all, a ramp makes things easier).
We also need to build new stairs out back. So far no one (mainly me) has not had them fall down on them yet. The front landing/steps (or what I call a porch though it's not covered) also needs to be replaced or repaired. I'd really like it replaced. With some nicer ones and have it come out another foot.

I'd like a new fence but that won't happen. It's really expensive (as far as we are concerned). It's all falling over. The lilac tree behind it is holding up one section.

SJ Diva
Posts: 5362
Reg: 08-18-02

05-17-14 04:42 PM - Post#4110120    
    In response to kaleidoscope

No projects planned just yet. We do have to start looking into some major replacements. #1 is a new roof.
Other things that need replacing are windows, carpet,& kitchen floor.
Would like to have the patio & backyard completed.
Need to remove a couple trees and build a new fence.

3 Little Ladies 
SJ Deity
Posts: 73787
3 Little Ladies
Reg: 03-10-05

05-17-14 06:16 PM - Post#4110128    
    In response to DeblynA

Our 'to do' list was really long. I'm not really sure how much of it I'll get done this summer. I still need to see what my financial situation is. I won't know for sure until all of the paperwork is filed. (frustrating)

My main goal for the next few weeks is going to be

Clearing out my landscaping (removing trees and shrubs, replanting trees and shrubs, adding more rock to the landscaping, possibly making an area for a garden next year.)

Clearing out the garage, and going through the rest of our garage sale stuff. Also helping my dad go through my mom's stuff. Hanging the drywall in the garage. I already have the drywall.

Selling the Cobra, possibly.

Then I'll see from there.

SJ Diva
Posts: 5477
Reg: 04-03-11

05-17-14 07:08 PM - Post#4110134    
    In response to 3 Little Ladies

nothing on the agenda but if we come across some extra money, like if someone dropped some off to us.... we need to fix the porch, replace the shingles on the roof (we think we'd do metal instead), paint the whole house, redo the floors.... oh and there's so much more that could/should be done.

SJ Diva
Posts: 7366
Reg: 04-15-07

05-17-14 08:36 PM - Post#4110142    
    In response to hockeymom24

Thankfully there shouldn't be anything we need - we already replaced all the A/Cs last summer - ouch. What I hated about that was it was very expensive and you can't even enjoy looking at it, LOL!

Still talking about re-doing the scrapbook room. The problem is we keep talking about maybe moving. I doubt we will, but DD is going to go to a different school next year and it's in the wrong direction from work with bad freeway access. Our commutes are already pretty bad. But so is selling & buying, packing and moving!

SJ Eloquent One
Posts: 3151
Reg: 03-18-13

05-17-14 10:09 PM - Post#4110150    
    In response to WorkingMommy

Ahh Lets see. Bf and I are looking at moving out of his mom's house. Hopefully by June or July. He got let go of his last job

His mom is putting the house up for sell (she wants it to go up this year). But I am not sure cause of all the work she needs to do:

New Pool Liner
Get Back Patio Lights Working
Fix Counter (due to sliding the back of the house wasn't done right so everything is shifting)
Paint door trims (put new doors in and the trims are a off white and not white white)
Paint Bedrooms
Touch Up Paint in Kitchen
Finish Fireplace
Pull baby trees from Flower Garden
Weeding (so much weeding)
Make the front look dec
Need to fix the driveway
Have to shampoo ALL carpet. Possible put new carpet in the front living room.

The list keeps going and going. That is why I don't think she will be putting it up for sale. I know once Ben and I move out I will come and help with everything. Its just trough with so much stuff in the house to do much. (I used to live in my own place, so did Ben and then a mix of all his moms stuff as well under one roof).

SJ Diva
Posts: 5623
Reg: 07-06-08

05-18-14 08:44 PM - Post#4110198    
    In response to jenny1

We badly need to do over our bath room & shower area, we have had bad timber eating ant's in the past & need to fix all the damage they have cause, I did an office make over a few months ago, pained etc. Would like new carpets upstairs, but don't think any of this is happening any time soon.

Drama Mamas Mama 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 12066
Drama Mamas Mama
Reg: 02-21-08

05-19-14 08:54 AM - Post#4110222    
    In response to Westerngirl

We SHOULD close on the new-to-us house and we have a long list:

Clean up the yard
Remove wallpaper through out the house
paint every single room
add a detached garage
remove some shelving from the family room
build lockers for the kids stuff
refinish the fireplace
Move a bedroom wall over to make our closet bigger
Move Chris into our house from his house (after the wedding)
Get all my stuff out of my rental and clean it
Figure out how to open a pool - never had one - and keep the chemicals level

In the pool house:
Possibly remove the paneling - not on the priority list

SJ Deity
Posts: 84655
Reg: 07-02-04

05-21-14 10:13 AM - Post#4110472    
    In response to Drama Mamas Mama

it never ends here..its never all done..or all clean kwim??

i want to repaint hall/dining and kitchen (same since 2005)

im working on ambers old room which is now an office. im working on setting up scrap area again..always something

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 34594
Reg: 06-13-08

05-21-14 03:31 PM - Post#4110490    
    In response to FloridaScrapper

Finish the conservatory - just calking the edges, painting one wall (probably white) and lacquering the skirting boards left to do.

Bring Grandpa's furniture up into the conservatory and get it painted.

Get all the filing and archiving done from when we were away, and set up a new filing system.

Get a job, to pay for...

Having all the front drive redone. That's a big job that's going to cost more than we have. So that's not necessarily on this year's list.

Beth Ann 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 15500
Beth Ann
Reg: 01-23-03

05-22-14 05:54 PM - Post#4110682    
    In response to RedSquirrel

I just changed a bunch of light bulbs!

Seriously, I did.

Also, had the balcony floors painted.

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