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Username Post: Bath and Body Works        (Topic#328494)
Blue Crew Member
Posts: 54893
Reg: 01-22-03

10-13-13 11:37 AM - Post#4082198    

Does anybody use their stuff? I LOVE moonlight shadow (I think this is the name) What is your favorite? I always use this in lieu of perfume. I use the body wash in the shower (after I have used dove to clean), use the spray after I towel off and then use the lotion. I mix the lotion with my Curel to make it last longer too.

Not sure why I am thinking of this today but I am.

SJ Divalicious
Posts: 12723
Reg: 02-26-09

10-13-13 11:59 AM - Post#4082202    
    In response to Nora

My favorite is Secret Wonderland. I think it's the first one I have ever used a whole bottle of. I have a new one I am wearing for the fall and it is Cashmere Glow. For the summer I had gotten a 3 oz lotion in Capri Seaside Citrus and it just smelled like Summer. Such a wonderful scent.

I have bought a few candles too but have not always liked them once they started burning One reminded me of sunscreen from when I was little but no one else liked it so I would burn it on my front porch. Hubby liked the scent better out there

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 34589
Reg: 06-13-08

10-13-13 01:19 PM - Post#4082208    
    In response to motherto3girls

We don't have the brand here, but I've read lots of nice things about their products. We have the Body Shop which sounds similar.

SJ Divalicious
Posts: 18130
Reg: 11-03-06

10-13-13 03:34 PM - Post#4082224    
    In response to RedSquirrel

I love Noel. Is that the name? It's the Christmas one, yes I wear the lotion all year.

Grandma to 3 
SJ Aficionada
Posts: 906
Grandma to 3
Reg: 06-15-10

10-13-13 03:51 PM - Post#4082230    
    In response to rottiefan

I love the vanilla scented one. But again, DH has a strong nose so I have had to tone it down. Matter of fact, last time I was in there looking for it, it was missing. Seems they might have changed it.

Kimberly M 
SJ Diva
Posts: 9053
Kimberly M
Reg: 07-22-08

10-13-13 05:12 PM - Post#4082234    
    In response to Grandma to 3

Wild Apple Daffodil but they don't have it anymore

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 47623
Reg: 08-13-07

10-13-13 05:17 PM - Post#4082238    
    In response to Kimberly M

Love the BBW line! I get Vanilla Bean Noel every November... feels like Christmas to me I used to love their peach scent, but not sure they have it anymore. I like Sweet Pea (heck - I like so many of them!) Sabrina, that summer citrus sounds awesome too.

SJ Diva
Posts: 7737
Reg: 03-04-07

10-13-13 05:33 PM - Post#4082246    
    In response to gingersfavorite

Love them! And we finally have one in our city so I don't have to stock up so much ahead if we are visiting somewhere else! I have a lot that I like but my favourites right now are love, love, love and secret wonderland. I have those two, plus enchanted and cherry blossom in the shower gels right now and I have a whole ton of lotions. I always buy the small size lotions though since they get used up faster and i can try different ones and are easy to throw in my purse or suitcase

Rosey we have the body shop too and they are similar but for some reason the body shop ones always give me headaches but the bath and body works don't!

SJ Aficionada
Posts: 970
Reg: 09-04-09

10-13-13 05:52 PM - Post#4082258    
    In response to scrapanda

I really like Moonight something, lol. I can't remember. I usually wait until their big 70% off sale and stock up on what is available Right now I am using Dancing Water....I think.

3 Little Ladies 
SJ Deity
Posts: 73786
3 Little Ladies
Reg: 03-10-05

10-13-13 06:13 PM - Post#4082262    
    In response to scaredycat

My favorite is Night Blooming Jasmine, but it's being discontinued. Ugh! The other two I like are Honeysuckle and White Citrus.

SJ Divalicious
Posts: 11888
Reg: 08-23-07

10-13-13 06:21 PM - Post#4082264    
    In response to 3 Little Ladies

I was just there today!!

I love getting their antibacterial hand soaps.

My favorite at the moment is Twilight Woods. I also wear Secret Wonderland, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Moonlight Path and Sea Island Cotton.

I also like their Sleep line and Shea Cashmere.

Beth Ann 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 15500
Beth Ann
Reg: 01-23-03

10-14-13 09:01 AM - Post#4082320    
    In response to SchoolBusMom

I wish they had unscented lotion.

SJ Divalicious
Posts: 20816
Reg: 03-15-03

10-14-13 09:11 AM - Post#4082324    
    In response to Beth Ann

I have sooo many of their lotions and shower gels. Not even sure what my favorite is because I'm always changing fragrances, depending on my mood for the day.

I quit buying the body sprays because I so very seldom used them. If I need to refresh, I just rub on a little lotion.

I find they aren't quite as potent as perfume/colognes. I have a couple of friends who are allergic to perfumes, and I find when I wear BBW, they never complain....

Megan - FT 
Posts: 2675
Megan - FT
Reg: 06-06-06

10-15-13 04:40 PM - Post#4082506    
    In response to buttonscrapper

Mango mandarin was, but they discontinued it. Now it's white citrus.

Scrapjazz Contributor
Posts: 7525
Reg: 09-28-05

10-16-13 10:36 AM - Post#4082588    
    In response to Megan - FT

I used to go there, I haven't seen one in a while. I like that they have fruit scented stuff. Flower-scents make me sneeze.

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