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Username Post: Here we go... Teacher vent        (Topic#328394)
carpe scrapum 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 16113
carpe scrapum
Reg: 12-27-05

10-03-13 03:03 PM - Post#4080870    

Mia's teacher for this year is a sweet lady and happens to live right next door to my SIL. Her husband was just diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has been missing a lot of days. I can't even begging to imagine how much stress she is under and normally am ok with the substitutes. However, Mia has been having a hard time with her math now because too many people are trying to explain the same thing to her in too many different ways. I just called the principal because I don't want to upset the teacher. He's going to call me back in a while. I just want to see if Mia can get a little extra help. I'm going to tell him how much I like the teacher and this isn't a complain against her. I just want a little more consistency in teaching.

What do you think? I always talk to the teacher first but I worry this lady is going to fall apart on me if I do!

3 Little Ladies 40
SJ Deity
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3 Little Ladies
Reg: 03-10-05

10-03-13 03:12 PM - Post#4080872    
    In response to carpe scrapum

I still would have talked to the teacher first. If she's planning on staying in the class, regardless of what is going on in her personal life, she needs to be aware that Mia is struggling. Maybe she's not the only student struggling with consistency.

That's to bad about her husband. She has to be dealing with a lot of emotional stress.

carpe scrapum 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 16113
carpe scrapum
Reg: 12-27-05

10-03-13 03:37 PM - Post#4080878    
    In response to 3 Little Ladies

I sent her an email asking her to pull Mia aside and talking about the things she is having a hard time with. Told her I totally understand and wish her the best. Made it really nice.

The principal called and we talked about the substitutes and who calls them and such. He said he won't even mention our conversation to her. I also made sure I told him she's a great teacher. He said he actually was on his way to talk about a plan with her before I called. I told him I only wanted to talk to him about having the same teacher substitute. The rest I took up with the teacher. I feel pretty good about it actually.

SJ Eloquent One
Posts: 3325
Reg: 01-07-07

10-03-13 07:10 PM - Post#4080906    
    In response to carpe scrapum

Good for you Vivi. I feel sorry for her. I agree with you that it's important that Mia understands her subjects; so she doesn't fall behind.

In our school, if a teacher is going to miss a lot of school; they find a long-term sub, so the kids won't be stressed. Since the teacher doesn't know when she will be in or out, they should still ask for a long-term sub, ready to step in at any moment.

carpe scrapum 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 16113
carpe scrapum
Reg: 12-27-05

10-03-13 07:53 PM - Post#4080914    
    In response to scrappinmamma

I feel so sad for her. I don't think her husband has a lot of time left. His cancer is terribly aggressive and rare I heard, not sure what kind it is though. I really hope I didn't upset her today. She really is so sweet.

Blue Crew Member
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10-04-13 06:40 PM - Post#4081118    
    In response to carpe scrapum

I think you did the right thing. If the teacher is going to be out like that, why can't the find the same substitute? Consistency is key for any learning.

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