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Username Post: 9/11 -- what were you doing 12 years ago??        (Topic#328170)
Grandma to 3 
SJ Aficionada
Posts: 906
Grandma to 3
Reg: 06-15-10

09-11-13 07:25 AM - Post#4078084    

I can't help but remember this date for what it was -- a terrible event in American history.

And to consider myself extremely lucky!! I flew home from Alaska (visiting my brother who was serving in the Air Force up there) on 9/10 and arrived home 24 hours prior to the planes being grounded nation wide.

Today, the date has a new meaning -- my DH is taking over as editor of the local newspaper. A big jump for him as he has been asst editor the entire time I've known him. Life as we know it will change dramatically as he takes on this new undertaking.

carpe scrapum 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 16121
carpe scrapum
Reg: 12-27-05

09-11-13 07:28 AM - Post#4078088    
    In response to Grandma to 3

I was at a trade show for the company I worked for in Las Vegas. It was horrible. There wasn't a form of transportation to hire to get back to Illinois at al. Not cars, trains, planes, taxis, limos or buses. We had to stay put for a week and finally were able to hire a private jet to get back. The shock and sadness consumed us. Those poor people were all I could think about.

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 47624
Reg: 08-13-07

09-11-13 07:36 AM - Post#4078094    
    In response to carpe scrapum

oh - good luck to your dh Karen!

I had just taken my kids to school and was driving the few miles back home. I remember hearing about the first plane on the radio & thinking WTH? I hurried in the house & had the Today Show on (remember Bryant Gumble hosting) just as the second plane hit.

Needless to say, I was glued to the tv for the rest of the day....

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 34592
Reg: 06-13-08

09-11-13 07:42 AM - Post#4078098    
    In response to carpe scrapum

Congrats to your DH Karen!

We had not long bought our house, this house. I was painting it with a friend. I got a call from DH to say put the radio on. We listened, and stood staring at each other in increasing horror. It was hard to believe.

Scrapjazz Contributor
Posts: 7525
Reg: 09-28-05

09-11-13 08:13 AM - Post#4078110    
    In response to RedSquirrel

I was 8 months pregnant with my first child and was working from home. I spent the rest of the day staring at the TV. My sister-in-law and her husband both used to visit the towers frequently for work. No one could find them for hours, so we were very nervous. Turns out they were at a Bris (circumcision) and had their phones turned off. My sister worked across the street at the World Financial Center and would have seen the towers being hit from her office, except she overslept and never made it downtown. Probably the only day she overslept in the 10 years she worked there. My husband was told he had to stay at the hospital for all the injuries that were expected, but they never came.

We were supposed to go out to dinner that night for one more nice dinner before the baby came.

Gramma - Claudia 
SJ Eloquent One
Posts: 4819
Gramma - Claudia
Reg: 06-23-03

09-11-13 09:28 AM - Post#4078126    
    In response to Grandma to 3

As I was getting ready for work I flipped on the TV and there it was. My first thought was that a trailer for some new movie was being shown. I mean, I couldn't be real, could it?

Later in the day I held my brand new grand daughter (2 days old)and watched the coverage. I held bright shiny innocent new life in my arms as I watched the horror of man upon man.

SJ Aficionada
Posts: 970
Reg: 09-04-09

09-11-13 09:33 AM - Post#4078130    
    In response to boysmom

I was driving to a dentist appointment when I heard about the first plane. The details were very sketchy, so I was imaging a small plane lost in the clouds hitting the tower. But then they said there was a second plane - I was just confused. The dentists office had the radio on and we heard about the pentagon. As I was rushing home I realized these were commercial airlines - I was so thankful my husband was home, he flies for United. The day was spent in horror, disbelief and frantically calling all of our friends and family in the industry.

3 Little Ladies 
SJ Deity
Posts: 73787
3 Little Ladies
Reg: 03-10-05

09-11-13 11:55 AM - Post#4078172    
    In response to scaredycat

I was pg with Camille. My dh was in our basement running on the treadmill. Lilly and I were upstairs playing. My mil called me and told me to turn the TV on. That was when the first plane hit. I started crying and ran downstairs to get my dh. Then we saw the second plane hit.

Beth Ann 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 15500
Beth Ann
Reg: 01-23-03

09-11-13 12:09 PM - Post#4078176    
    In response to 3 Little Ladies

Where was I that day?

Driving down the highway, on the way to work. My boss bought a big screen TV & we spent the day watching the coverage.

Strongest memory?

Trying to explain it to Lily, who was 5, when I didn't understand myself. At the end on my long, rambling explanation, she said, "how could they do that, Mom? Don't they know God?"

Still gives me chills.

SJ Diva
Posts: 7739
Reg: 03-04-07

09-11-13 12:31 PM - Post#4078182    
    In response to Beth Ann

I was in high school - I saw the coverage when I walked into the school - there was a big tv in the entrance and they had the news on there.

SJ Diva
Posts: 5477
Reg: 04-03-11

09-11-13 01:22 PM - Post#4078196    
    In response to scrapanda

I in university and I walked into what was known as the games room, there was a tv room and it was on. I peaked in to see who was in the room and watched in disbelief. I remember not wanting to go to other classes because of what was taking place on the tv.

SJ Divalicious
Posts: 11888
Reg: 08-23-07

09-11-13 03:19 PM - Post#4078220    
    In response to hockeymom24

I got Ryan on the bus and came back in to sit and watch news before Noah awakened. Like Steph, I turned on TV in time to see the 2nd plane hit.

SJ Diva
Posts: 7365
Reg: 04-15-07

09-11-13 08:31 PM - Post#4078268    
    In response to SchoolBusMom

I was driving to work -- DH called and I turned the news on in the car. Once at work, I had a medical committee meeting. We watched the coverage in a TV in the conference room, but when the Pentagon was hit I was overcome and had to leave. DH and I moved from Washington, DC two years prior and DH was an Arlington, VA cop. I also had military friends who worked in the Pentagon.

When I got to my car I called a close friend who's DH worked at the Pentagon. He answered their home phone and I broke down, I was so relieved he was home. We were able to reach most of the others within a few hours. Besides my friend's DH, a former co-worker of DH's was supposed to be at the Pentagon that day - and she changed the order of her appointments which may have saved her life as she would have been in the HR area that was hit.

SJ Divalicious
Posts: 18130
Reg: 11-03-06

09-12-13 04:59 PM - Post#4078372    
    In response to WorkingMommy

I was giving state testing to 8th graders. We weren't supposed to be interrupted, but another teacher gave me "a look" thru the window so I went to the hall. I thought it was a mock disaster.

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