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Username Post: How often is too often?        (Topic#327930)
Beth Ann 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 15500
Beth Ann
Reg: 01-23-03

08-19-13 06:08 PM - Post#4075376    

To brush your teeth?
To buy shoes?
To check your bank account?
To shave your legs?
To wash your hair?

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 47624
Reg: 08-13-07

08-19-13 11:05 PM - Post#4075398    
    In response to Beth Ann

LOL ..... at all of the looks but no comments.

Who's to judge I guess?

Gramma - Claudia 
SJ Eloquent One
Posts: 4819
Gramma - Claudia
Reg: 06-23-03

08-19-13 11:38 PM - Post#4075400    
    In response to Beth Ann

Whatever floats your boat. Everyone will have a different definition

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 34597
Reg: 06-13-08

08-20-13 02:57 AM - Post#4075406    
    In response to Gramma - Claudia

Just my own ideas and reasons. I would say too often is:

Teeth - more than two or three times a day because the gums and enamel would get damaged.
Shoes - when your buying overtakes your discarding of the old ones or earning money for new ones.
Bank account - more than once a day. The system only updates once a day (mostly), so checking it more often is obsessive.
Legs - more than once a day.
Hair - more than once a day depending on dirt and sweat.

Now you can ask people's opinions of the other end of the scale - how long can you get away with NOT...

3 Little Ladies 
SJ Deity
Posts: 73787
3 Little Ladies
Reg: 03-10-05

08-20-13 05:40 AM - Post#4075416    
    In response to RedSquirrel

Was someone teasing you? My dh teases me about how often I change our sheets (among other things.)

teeth? I would think three times is sufficient.

shoes? Whenever you find a pair that you like, or need to replace a pair that you have.

bank account? It's really not going to change daily unless you are putting money in or taking money out.

shave legs? Only when needed. What an inconvenience.

wash hair? Daily for me.

Beth Ann 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 15500
Beth Ann
Reg: 01-23-03

08-20-13 05:41 AM - Post#4075418    
    In response to RedSquirrel

I'm just trying to spark some discussion!

SJ Divalicious
Posts: 11888
Reg: 08-23-07

08-20-13 07:10 PM - Post#4075470    
    In response to Beth Ann

I will do myself

Teeth is twice daily unless I am feeling gritty!

Wrong person to ask about shoes...lol! You can never have too many!!!

Bank acct I usually check every other day.

Legs...ugh! I have to shave every day because I inherited my dads monkey legs.

Wash hair every morning. If I do yard work then it gets washed twice a day.

Scrapjazz Contributor
Posts: 25018
Reg: 01-09-06

08-20-13 09:54 PM - Post#4075476    
    In response to SchoolBusMom

I only shave my legs maybe every other week during the summer and less than that during the winter. I have thin, blonde leg hair.

Washing hair - I can't wash more than 1-2x/week.

Shoes? You can never have enough shoes

SJ Diva
Posts: 5477
Reg: 04-03-11

08-21-13 05:55 AM - Post#4075484    
    In response to michann

To brush your teeth? I usually brush 2-3 times a day.
To buy shoes? ummm I hardly ever buy shoes. I did buy a pair of flip flops for this summer, and I probably did the same last summer. My kid gets more footwear then me but then again he wears them out.
To check your bank account? I do it fairly often but I have reasons. I think more then once day may be a little obsessive.
To shave your legs? a few times a week, winter is way less.
To wash your hair? every other day.

SJ Diva
Posts: 7739
Reg: 03-04-07

08-21-13 10:25 AM - Post#4075494    
    In response to hockeymom24

To brush your teeth? 2x a day is enough
To buy shoes? when you need them or there is a sale!
To check your bank account? I do this weekly
To shave your legs? Daily here
To wash your hair? daily here

SJ Divalicious
Posts: 20827
Reg: 03-15-03

08-21-13 01:08 PM - Post#4075512    
    In response to scrapanda

Brush teeth: Twice a day.

Buy shoes: Not a shoe fanatic. If I buy more than a couple shoes a year, that's too many. I already have too many shoes laying around.

Check bank acct: Never. DH does that and I have no clue how often he does.

Shave legs: In the summer, once a week. The hair on my legs aren't noticeable. In the winter, maybe once a month...

Wash hair: Usually every other day.

Edited by buttonscrapper on 08-21-13 01:09 PM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

SJ Jazzie
Posts: 34
Reg: 02-13-13

08-24-13 10:04 AM - Post#4075754    
    In response to buttonscrapper

The first question is funny to me solely because who is going to admit they don't brush their teeth? How often? Neeeverrrr Bahahahahaha! (In some cartoon criminals voice)

Okay, serious answers:
Teeth: twice a day plus Scope
Shoes:ahhhh can you ever have too many shoes?
Bank account:never really. I know how much I can spend, and I keep track of it, but its not a super tight kind of thing so I don't worry about it. Husband checks though
Legs: hahaha I have a 7 month old. I at least try to shave my armpits. I do my legs when I have to..so every other week. Used to everyday
And hair: twice. A week. I blow dry it once a month

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