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Username Post: Back to school        (Topic#327774)
carpe scrapum 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 16121
carpe scrapum
Reg: 12-27-05

07-31-13 01:39 PM - Post#4073732    

Give me your best back to school tricks, ideas, preps and menus. What are some things you do to get ready for the new school year? How do you organize things in your house to be ready? Do you have a menu chart? A homework station? Tell me everything!

I am going to introduce a homework nook this year so that the girls don't have to put everything away while we eat dinner if they aren't finished with school work. I also bought a big map of the US to hang on the wall and will get a smaller one of the world. I'm not going to go crazy with it because in a couple of years they might want to start doing homework in their rooms, but for now they like throwing questions at me while I cook or do things in the kitchen.

I want to also make a lunch menu chart for the girls so they can always pick their meals ahead of time. Over the past years we did it off the top of our heads but now that they have more activities and such things might get lost in my brain. That way I can shop on the weekends accordingly too.

I have been talking a lot with the girls about the new school year and we've slowly covered several things that might come up and how to resolve them on their own. It might seem like I'm a hover mom but I never had someone teach and guide me through the social labyrinth of school, my dad was too busy mourning my mom and readjusting to his new life as a single parent. Bianca especially has a lot of questions about how to word things when asking the teacher for additional tips on things she might not understand. I feel for her.

So tell me about your ideas!

3 Little Ladies 
SJ Deity
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3 Little Ladies
Reg: 03-10-05

07-31-13 02:14 PM - Post#4073740    
    In response to carpe scrapum

Our system is simplistic. I have a white board in the kitchen that I post our weekly schedule on. I get it organized every Sunday so we all know what is going on throughout the week.

When the girls get home from school they hand me any forms or information from the school that I need (permission slips, upcoming events,) and I keep those behind the white board. Then I can add those events to the white board as they come up. I look through them every week.

Lilly and Camy have desks in their rooms, but usually sprawl out on the floor somewhere. Lilly seems to prefer to do hers right by the front door on the tile floor. Camy works on hers in her room, but on the floor. Abby always works on hers up at the bar in the kitchen so we can help her.

Lunches are discussed the night before. I have the basics in the house for two weeks, so I don't have to worry about shopping.

Our schedule is...
get off bus
eat snack
hand me all papers
work on homework/study
rest of the afternoon/evening is theirs to do whatever

Our after school schedule only changes when one of them has after school activities.

Blue Crew Member
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Reg: 01-22-03

07-31-13 05:23 PM - Post#4073746    
    In response to 3 Little Ladies

Char does her homework after school in her room. The only thing I am going to be stickler about this year is less electronics-maybe an hour a day?

This is her schedule:
Comes home
eats a snack and decompresses
does her homework until it is done

If she has an activity, it has been right after school and she usually does that and then everything else on the list after.

I am not looking forward to school. I hate fighting for her to get things done RIGHT and not to just get them done!!!

carpe scrapum 
SJ Divalicious
Posts: 16121
carpe scrapum
Reg: 12-27-05

07-31-13 07:40 PM - Post#4073756    
    In response to Nora

Unless there are activities after school, the girls come home and take a shower immediately. Then they eat a fruit or veggie, do homework, dinner, read or relax a bit and bed. I don't give them big snacks when they get home because we eat dinner by 5:30 and I want them hungry LOL

SJ Queen of the Crop
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Reg: 02-13-09

07-31-13 08:57 PM - Post#4073772    
    In response to carpe scrapum

what?? we're supposed to have a plan???

SJ Diva
Posts: 5477
Reg: 04-03-11

08-01-13 05:21 AM - Post#4073816    
    In response to kaleidoscope

  • kaleidoscope Said:
what?? we're supposed to have a plan???

haha! I thought the same....

SJ Diva
Posts: 5477
Reg: 04-03-11

08-01-13 05:22 AM - Post#4073818    
    In response to hockeymom24

after school he usually comes home and plays. It depends on if I have kids or not. If no kids then he plays and does homework. If I have kids then he plays and does homework after supper. There's usually some sort of a snack after school. On the nights that there is hockey we try to squeeze in homework after school because otherwise he's too tired and it's way too late after we get home from hockey.

SJ Aficionada
Posts: 970
Reg: 09-04-09

08-01-13 09:55 AM - Post#4073848    
    In response to hockeymom24

We've never had a set before/after school plan, lol. I just jump in and get it done.

The kids make it very easy regarding lunches - they have always wanted the exact same thing everyday! Sundays are my big grocery shop and I make sure to check the calendar to see what the activites are for the week and plan meals accordingly.

This year I do want to make sure that we eat less junky stuff and fast food. Also, now that 3 of them are high schoolers, they do their homework on their own and just have to make sure it gets done before bed. Maryann will be the hard one - she hates "learning" with a passion, so I know any kind of homework will be a major battle, lol.

Scrapjazz Contributor
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Reg: 01-09-06

08-02-13 06:28 PM - Post#4073990    
    In response to scaredycat

My plan is to survive....

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