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Username Post: update on mean girls and pole dancing...        (Topic#325803)
Scrapjazz Contributor
Posts: 25018
Reg: 01-09-06

03-08-13 06:34 PM - Post#4051243    

Jenna said that the 2 girls have made up. The one that was the biggest problem wrote a note to the other saying they should be nice to each other. They all played at recess today, so hopefully that is taken care of.

Now, here's something I think you all will get a laugh out of. Jenna told me on Weds "Mom, we are playing a new game at recess where you use the pole that holds up the monkey bars and people tell you how to dance around it, like crazy or with lots of drama. And you have to hold on to it and swing around." I couldn't help but laugh because she is so innocent and so are the girls she's playing with. Well, I guess today there were some teachers talking about seeing some girls out on the playground pole dancing and were talking about whether they should stop it or not (if the girls knew what they were doing and what it looked like). So, I got to say, "yeah, my daughter was one of the 3 who started that". They tend to play it at last recess, so on Monday I'm going to hang out by the window of another classroom that looks on the playground so I can watch it for myself. It's funny that Jenna comes home and talks about how bad her arm is aching because of this new game.

3 Little Ladies 40
SJ Deity
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3 Little Ladies
Reg: 03-10-05

03-08-13 07:56 PM - Post#4051253    
    In response to michann

That's great that the girls worked it out on their own.

Funny about the pole dancing. You need to take some pictures of her doing it. It would make a funny lo.

SJ Eloquent One
Posts: 3324
Reg: 01-07-07

03-08-13 08:17 PM - Post#4051255    
    In response to 3 Little Ladies

I'm so glad they worked it out! I had to laugh at the pole dancing; at our school it's the Gangnam style dancing that can look like dirty dancing when they get close to one another. They don't get it; but as parents we are trying to get them to stop.

SJ Divalicious
Posts: 18115
Reg: 11-03-06

03-08-13 09:17 PM - Post#4051271    
    In response to scrappinmamma

That's funny!

SJ Diva
Posts: 7481
Reg: 01-15-06

03-08-13 09:56 PM - Post#4051273    
    In response to rottiefan

I'm so glad that the two girls are working out their differences. Enjoy the show on Monday.

Scrapjazz Contributor
Posts: 25018
Reg: 01-09-06

03-08-13 10:51 PM - Post#4051279    
    In response to Kazzam

Pretty sure the parent meeting with the teacher had more to do with the girls making up, but I'll take it.

Jen, what's a lo? I haven't scrapped in forever.

SJ Diva
Posts: 7497
Reg: 03-04-07

03-08-13 11:25 PM - Post#4051283    
    In response to michann

Glad to hear they worked things out. That is funny about the dancing!

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 33698
Reg: 06-13-08

03-09-13 03:46 AM - Post#4051295    
    In response to scrapanda

Jenna always makes me laugh.

I'm so pleased those two girls have made up too.

carpe scrapum 
SJ Divalicious
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carpe scrapum
Reg: 12-27-05

03-09-13 06:57 AM - Post#4051307    
    In response to RedSquirrel

Too funny, glad things seem better.

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 28064
Reg: 02-13-09

03-09-13 12:29 PM - Post#4051333    
    In response to carpe scrapum

next thing you know those two will be best friends. They just needed to be set straight.

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