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Username Post: Well, they asked!        (Topic#323870)
SJ Diva
Posts: 7367
Reg: 04-15-07

12-02-12 10:41 PM - Post#4029060    

We switched to Chase bank awhile back. I've had a few issues mostly around how they have our logins set up (I can't pay bills and see my kids' accounts at the same time, I have to log in under another ID which irritates me since I transfer money to their accounts regularly). So okay, a pain but not the end of the world.

Anyway, on black friday my debit card wouldn't work. I thought it had gotten demagnetized. Come to find out, they deactivated it for "fraud." Fine and nice, but they made ONE attempt to call my home number at 10AM the prior week and said my phone "wouldn't accept a message." AND they didn't send me a replacement card because they hadn't talked to me. So my card's been down for days and I have NO CLUE.

These people have my cell number (they text me for pity's sake), my office number, my email...but none of those were tried. Just one attempt to call my home number while I was at work. Thankfully I always carry my american express and everywhere I shopped on BF accepts that. But I'd have been embarassed and furious if I didn't have another way to pay with me.

So tonight I'm paying bills and they said I was selected for a survey. I'm sure they are REAL sorry they asked me what I think.

3 Little Ladies 
SJ Deity
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3 Little Ladies
Reg: 03-10-05

12-02-12 11:00 PM - Post#4029070    
    In response to WorkingMommy

Not good timing for them to send you a survey. I've been in that position before too.

SJ Eloquent One
Posts: 3962
Reg: 01-07-07

12-03-12 01:29 AM - Post#4029092    
    In response to 3 Little Ladies

My GF had the same exact thing happen to her and on BF; but I can't remember which bank. They only tried to call once, didn't leave a message and didn't try any other numbers. She is closing her account and going to a different bank.

It's nice that they try to protect their customers; but you would think that they would actually speak to you, before closing your card.

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 34596
Reg: 06-13-08

12-03-12 04:26 AM - Post#4029110    
    In response to scrappinmamma

Woah. That's naughty of them. I'd be annoyed too.

SJ Queen of the Crop
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Reg: 02-13-09

12-03-12 07:13 AM - Post#4029154    
    In response to RedSquirrel

UGH! Nice....

I had a citibank CC and they closed my account with no notice at all. Apparently, they didn't like it had gotten paid off and then hadn't been used for a bit. Jerks. We only found out when I tried to get another card for hubby.

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