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Username Post: Think I have been duped        (Topic#323868)
SJ Diva
Posts: 5129
Reg: 09-13-02

12-02-12 10:36 PM - Post#4029054    

Last year, I joined a circle journal. It was all supposed to be over in 6 months. My journal has not made its way home.

The organiser, had my journal, but got ratty, because hers went missing in the post. I was the last person to have it, and sent it off to the person next on the list. This person never let me know it did not show up, and by the time she did, it was too late to trace. I had tracked the parcel, but the info is only held for 3 months. There is not any record of the parcel anywhere, and its never showed up.

I did another page and passed it on, and felt bad about it.....you might recalll the album....it was all about witchy spellls etc. very weird.

Just amazed that this lady has obviously decided to "pay me back" and keep mine.....To be honest I dont particularly care......but it would have been nice to at least see what others had done. I put a lot of time and effort into all the others journals, and just feel like I have been kicked in the teeth. she does not answer my emails, so I am pretty sure its gone.

Lesson learned....

3 Little Ladies 
SJ Deity
Posts: 73786
3 Little Ladies
Reg: 03-10-05

12-02-12 11:02 PM - Post#4029072    
    In response to Kiwifarmer

I've never heard a positive story about a circle journal. I'm sorry yours didn't work out like it was suppose to.

SJ Diva
Posts: 5129
Reg: 09-13-02

12-02-12 11:23 PM - Post#4029080    
    In response to 3 Little Ladies

I actually question to be honest the woman who I sent the journal to.....either way it makes me feel sick.

I have done one circle journal that was great. The group was really committed, and sent stuff on on time. Only one did a shoddy job, all the rest were awesome

SJ Eloquent One
Posts: 3959
Reg: 01-07-07

12-03-12 01:03 AM - Post#4029084    
    In response to Kiwifarmer

SJ Devotee
Posts: 350
Reg: 06-05-05

12-03-12 07:00 AM - Post#4029144    
    In response to scrappinmamma

This is why I've stop doing swaps because problems always occurs. She should have been upfront with you about what she was doing. Very childish, she didn't hold the person that you said you sent hers to responsible as well, only you. Chalk it up to a learning experience and move on. I would send her note telling her how sorry I am that her journal came up missing and that you did your very best to resolve things.

SJ Queen of the Crop
Posts: 28549
Reg: 02-13-09

12-03-12 07:04 AM - Post#4029148    
    In response to Cricutgirlg

I wouldn't hesitate to let everyone in the group know what happened. If you have a receipt you have proof you mailed it. Once it's out of your hands you have lost any control over it.

Judge Amy 
SJ Diva
Posts: 5735
Judge Amy
Reg: 01-27-05

12-06-12 07:46 AM - Post#4030056    
    In response to kaleidoscope


I was going to say make sure that you let the entire group know that the responsibility was knot yours once you mailed it and that the organizer is playing payback.

I used to do circle journals. Matter of fact my first few were done here. I still have them - no issues in those. However, a circle tag swap here went awry.

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