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Username Post: I need your help!        (Topic#323432)
SJ Newbie
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11-12-12 08:13 AM - Post#4025030    


I'm working for a furniture company and we have a new project of developing a scrapbooking table.
I surfed the web looking for inspirations and answers but I really think that a forum would be a good place since you all grouped together because of that and this is the place where you are sharing a lot of things about this activity.

So I would like to know if you were to buy a scrapbooking table what color would you select? and where would you install it in your home?

Thank you in advance for your help !

SJ Queen of the Crop
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11-12-12 12:20 PM - Post#4025090    
    In response to Anisch

Hi and welcome!

White or light wood, and it would go in our study.

I have a birch wood curved corner desk from Ikea, with a set of drawers underneath on wheels. I have 6 pine shelves mounted on the walls in the corner above. Next to it is the matching mirror desk with another set of drawers, for DH's computer. What we have and what would be my ideal are two different things, but it works pretty well.

SJ Grand Poobah
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11-12-12 01:01 PM - Post#4025100    
    In response to RedSquirrel

I keep mine in my office, before I had an office it was in the living space.

Scrapbooking people tend to be both trendy and crafty.

If I were making recommendations to you, I would say naked might be the best way to sell it. Those of us with a dedicated craft space are going to want to paint or stain it to out own taste.

Make sure it's sturdy, has maximum storage and available accessories. A system more than a single furniture piece. We always want more, but don't want to buy it all at once.

Any larger drawer needs to be at least 13" deep and 12.5" wide and it needs to come with the most top of the line drawer parts available. (My 12" file cabinet constantly jumps the track because it's not made to house 50 pounds of paper???)

Shelving need to be really deep, 14" minimum to hold our books.

Please come back and show us what you come up with.

SJ Diva
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11-12-12 06:32 PM - Post#4025116    
    In response to cjjohnson

Where is the like button for what CJ said.

I would love a system that could be mixed and matched. Have the table but have options to expand with different units. Under the table drawers need to be able to hold lots of paper and the tracks need to be sturdy for the weight of the paper. A unit that could be attached to the top of the desk for smaller items. Maybe 5 or 6" wide and with the length being 1/2 the length of the desk. It would need to have the ability to be able to have 2 units attached for people who want maximum storage close to hand. Also have the ability to adjust shelves and buy extra shelving.

I would suggest doing a search for scrapbooking rooms or desks, and look at the images to get ideas on what people want close to hand. Each scrapper likes different things within reach.

I love the idea of a modular system that is not too expensive. A lot of people want a desk but can't justify the cost of an expensive piece of furniture so they get something basic and modify storage solutions to help store and organise their bits and pieces.

SJ Grand Poobah
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11-12-12 08:33 PM - Post#4025130    
    In response to Kazzam

SJ Diva
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11-12-12 09:15 PM - Post#4025138    
    In response to cjjohnson

Thank you

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