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08-26-12 01:48 PM - Post#4005424    
    In response to buttonscrapper

Forgive me, I hadn't connected many of the writers' names with the screen names - that was stupid of me not to have worked that out. The pen-names I would never have worked out without being told though!

  • Scrapjanny Said:
I don't know why you say that I "never" post here.

Jeanette, I have always known you as Jan or Janny. Wrongly, but that's your screen name and the name in your signature. I just didn't know that your name is Jeanette.

Polly, I only looked through the latest articles and unless your pen name is Cindy deRosier who doesn't link to a profile, you weren't there so I didn't even think of you, I'm sorry!

I really didn't intend to attack anyone. I realise that of course people have their own lives, and writing articles is a time-consuming service in itself. If I had realised who half the writers are, you would not have seemed so remote.

But that's my point. I've been a regular here - about as regular as it is possible to be - for over 4 years. I've poked about all over this site in its old format and new. If I haven't worked that out, how are the less regular users going to know that the articles are even there, let alone that they are being written by "us"? Don't hide your lights under a bushel - advertise to us that your articles are up so that we can give you the credit you deserve! No way am I putting down the writers - I'm just trying to make suggestions to improve the site's service by making you and the articles more accessible. Please don't take my comments personally because they are not intended that way.
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